• Shimmer is being integrated into the multichain bridge.
  • Shimmer is a staging network that accelerates network upgrades on the IOTA ecosystem.

The IOTA ecosystem has stated that Shimmer needs to reach a point where it would be possible to transfer NFTs from Ethereum, Polygon, and other blockchains. The NFTs will be transferrable to Shimmer, and the reverse would also be possible. There must be a smooth integration between the IOTA Web3 ecosystem and the rest of the Web3 space. The IOTA community made this known via Twitter recently.

Barely 24 hours after the tweet from the IOTA Twitter page, Dominik Schiener, co-founder of IOTA, responded that Shimmer is already being integrated with one of the best bridges in crypto (the multichain bridge).

In November 2021, the IOTA foundation launched the Shimmer network. The Shimmer Network is a staging network that facilitates network upgrades in the IOTA space.

It allows developers to test several functionalities and upgrades in an incentivized space before they launch such features or upgrades on the mainnet. Shimmer has its native token (SMR), which developers use to incentivize tests for various functionalities and features before the mainnet launch. On Friday, September 9, 2022, Bankless consulting firm hosted a Shimmer DeFi education space.

A highlight of the session was the discussion on wallets and interaction with DeFi. During the session, Bankless advised participants in the session to always choose a wallet that is compatible with NFT marketplaces. It also revealed that Shimmer had just launched an NFT marketplace. Bankless also said Shimmer’s firefly wallet is compatible with various NFT marketplaces.

The DeFi education consulting firm also mentioned a browser extension (revoke.cash) that works on the Shimmer network. This browser extension works in chrome, brave, or other chrome edge chromium browsers. This extension is a great tool that revokes any permission you’ve granted to various sites and NFT projects.

It is a good practice to regularly check (at least once per month) and remove any extra permissions. A video demo of how the tool works on the Shimmer network is available on the Shimmer website. Shimmer plans to make the revoke.cash website works directly with Shimmer EVM for greater convenience. According to Bankless, it plans to keep hosting these DeFi education sessions over the next few weeks.

A firefly mobile wallet finally launched

On Thursday, IOTA announced the release of the firefly mobile wallet. According to the announcement, the mobile wallet app is operable on smartphones running on android or apple iOS. The firefly mobile dev team also announced theirs allows the migration of old IOTA 1.0 to 1.5. It also states that the firefly mobile app allows the storage, sending, and receiving of IOTA cryptocurrency.

The dev team has passed the app through the highest security standards with great support from the IOTA community. The announcement further revealed that the app is available in 25 languages, including German.

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